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Companies with great mobility solutions thanks to us.

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Place your bet on the best.

Best Quality

We have developed a strategy that makes us a great solution provider. We hire Best people who provide you exact and effective solutions that you need right now.


We are at your service. Hence we are accessible when you need. You can expect and rely on us for on demand solutions and services. We are there.

Complete Solution

Mind Riders, are the only vendor that provides a complete enterprise solution. We are there from your planning stage to deployment stage, we help you to build your dream solution with no effort.

Mobile Solutions

Mobile is a next big thing

Imagine your app running on every mobile store bound to make a difference.

Gaming Solutions

Entertainment at its best

The game is all about passion and creativity, we architect best games in the market.

Web Solutions

Web is robust and wide

The web is the base of internet. We ascertain your solution in web and visibility.

Proud to be part of

Our creation tells story about our journey. We have created great apps that touches many lives and when a smile come back from them, we feel proud and delighting in our effort and creativity. Your Happiness is our gift.

Mse & Suicide Assessor

A suicide solution

Mse is a mental and behavioral health clinician decision support resource, developed by clinical psychologists for medical and allied health professionals.

Abheda English

An education solution

Abheda English allows the users to Learn English from Bengali Bangla - simple, easy, gradual, correcting mistakes, removing fear.

Power Music

A fitness app

Power Music App designed for Professional Fitness Instructors by the worlds #1 Fitness Music Company, Power Music. It’s a music player with the ability to adjust the BPM.


The Journey of Mind Riders is the standpoint of success.

  • 2007-2010

    Our Humble Beginnings

    Start to move towards a big an ambitious goal of making happy faces. We always wish to have Happy employees, happier work environment, and happiest Customer. Journey Begins.

  • August 2011

    An Agency is Born

    We officially start moving towards the goal. We created a very small team with only Web development in our bucket. Wings started to fly and wish to have more as we go.

  • August 2013, Board Meeting.

    Transition to Full Service

    15 Happy faces, we want to grow more and more rapidly. We have decided to expand our paradise, and like to attract new customers. Step into the Mobile world and Gaming. We are exited.

  • August 2016, Dubai Annual Meeting.

    Phase Two Expansion

    We are growing. 120 happy faces, still counting. Our dreams of happy faces look like a reality now. We are not stopping here, keep moving, keep moving. Introducing Branding into the Mind Riders as a result of the huge Customer request.

Our Amazing Team

We are all uniformly working day and night to make this dream a reality. Meet some of us.


Founder And CEO


CTO, Chief Technical Officer


Market Research Specialist

Our Incredible and efficient team working from the day one to furnish our ideas into reality. We are grateful to all for being a part of the system, growth and lovely environment. We are delighted to have you guys. Happy Working.

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