Experience is the key to not making same mistakes over and again.
WISH it...DREAM it...DO it...LIVE it.

To succeed in your mission, you must have single-minded devotion to your goal

We, at Mind Riders Technology, saw huge potential in mobile computing and individual telecom space and checked it as something for what's to come. We did what needed to be done by totally conferring ourselves to the then developing advanced cell industry, the right route by assembling a master group that can think on the ball and convey inventive results. Furthermore, at the ideal time so we generally remain a venture ahead!

Who we are?

Built in 2007, Mind Riders Technology is a master mobile and web application development organization headquartered in U.s., Gujarat and vicinity in Maharashtra, Kolkata, India. We left on a voyage to tap the capability of portable registering and cell phones and to turn into an expert supplier of end-to-end results in versatile application improvement. We began concentrating on iphone application improvement, picked up important experience, demonstrated our backbone and made our imprint by creating applications that happened to wind up outline busters.


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