The treasure of the company is its people
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About The Mind Riders Technology

Mind Riders, a company based on Maharashtra. We call ourselves “Miracle Of Mind “, as its definition itself, then we are gifted with a great team who always eager to design the best solution. With the brilliance of the members mind riders can today has a great client base and we love the way the journey with them.

From the day one we believe in quality of the solution and relationship with our customers. Hence every solution that we deliver is planned with the top people of the industry and crafted with immense delicacy and accuracy that it return to the idea owner as a solution which reflects their dream.

With a team size of 40, we are monitoring constantly client satisfaction at the top of our achievement list. We are happy and delight to see our customers are successful with the ideas and solution provided by us. We are growing with every happy face and every successful deployment.

As per todays we successfully deploy every 48 applications and games out of 50. This is our success rate. We are moving towards to be the next big technology venture; we welcome you to be a part of it.

What do we want to be remembered for?

We came such a long way and so much has happened in the past eighteen years. We built things; we met so many people, created life long friendships, learned so much and grew as a whole. Looking back, it was a bumpy ride, and sometimes the days and months seemed endless and hopeless, but what beautiful destination isn’t worth the struggle of the journey. And what a journey it was.

Our definition of success changed a long time ago. Making a difference in a few lives is a worthy goal, but helping people to achieve the things they want to achieve is really what we want to be remembered for.

“Life is a courageous journey and to be successful, we have to play well in good and difficult conditions. Every difficulty is a lesson and every success is a feature on the crown, which we get as a result of the lesson we get from the difficulties.”
Yogesh Patil


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