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India has huge disparity in the quality of education that different strata of its society receive. Not limited to rich-poor alone, this can be easily extended to rural-urban, low caste-high caste divisions and so on so forth. And the ever-increasing rate of student enrolments and inability to recruit and maintain teachers to meet the yawning enrolments at match-up speed add to the problems, not to forget not-that-effective teaching learning material for first generation learners (new enrolments). Another question arises-so much is the influx of enrolments and so less is the intake of teachers, shall we ever be able to pay salary to enough teachers to teach all students, even if we are ready to discount quality of teaching?

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Dynamic Interactive Business Systems, Inc. (DIBSYS Inc.) is an Information Technology Consulting Services firm specializing in delivering technology solutions to meet our client's need. DIBSYS Inc. maintains a fundamental commitment to excellence that is evident in everything we do. Our mission is to understand and meet the needs of both our clients and consultants by delivering quality, value-added solutions in the Software Development, Quality Assurance, Support & Integration of your business processes.

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DFW Door Repair has been proudly serving the metroplex for over 15 years. We are a family owned business that takes pride in our work. We really work hard to provide small town customer service with a fast paced city lifestyle by integrating exciting new technology. We are at the forefront of the door industry and look forward to serving your needs.

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The MINDX score measures cognitive ability, the best predictor of job performance. This helps companies recruit and develop the best talent.Our advanced and intuitive scoring system provides fast and accurate insights into a professionals cognitive level and skills.

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McKenna Precision

Manufacturer of precision investment casting components, supplying industrial sectors with short lead times, competitive prices and complete responsiveness to customer needs.

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Step Change Training

Development Consultant, Eloise has worked with organizations such as Vodafone Retail, API Consumer Brands, Vodafone Contact Centre, Green Cross, SiteSafe NZ, Flooring Xtra NZ, Flooring Xtra Australia to name a few clients.

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