We call it the mix brand strategy. Branding is a powerful way for promoting your business. Branding gives our business a promotional wing, which create a marketing strategy for the business overall.
Our marketing strategy contains the following as a mix.

Search Engine Optimization

We make your website search engine friendly, Search engine is a great tool for your business success. We make sure your Web site visible to the search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. We make sure whenever your audience searches with your keyword, he finds you on the top of the search results. At Mind Riders we focus on

  • Quick SEO for short term Returns – It brings fast returns. Local SEO for local businesses, Structural SEO for big websites are considered as a good example.
  • Building, SEO profit block – This is a one time involvement, where we create right URL structures, right page content, right plan, etc. Once we create it for you can manage that for your own.
  • Optimize SEO block – For Organic growth and big returns you need experts like us for creating right strategy and involvement.
  • SEO for branding.
  • SEO for Great Organic Growth Channel.

Pay Per Click

We are an experienced Ad Words management team with deep knowledge of the Ad Words platform. Keyword Research, Competitive Analysis, Ad Copy Research, Bid Management, CRO & Quality Score improvement are our forte.

PPC is useful, but if you do not optimize your campaign, if you do not experiment with landing pages, if you are not able to reduce the cost you might end up spending a lot without getting any significant return. That’s where we can help you.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media is close to the users. It’s not marketing, but it’s a great plan which brings your vision, mission and ambition more to the users. It’s the best medium for creating user engagement. We look at social media marketing as a tool which

  • Helps you to come closer to your user.
  • Improves your visibility online.
  • Allows your users to spread your name.
  • Also social media activities, which helps you to improve your sales.
  • Use of tools like Tweets, posts, videos, campaigns and other activities helps you to create.
  • Direct sales via Facebook ads.

App store optimization

Your App is most unique in the store, but how the audience will recognize it because they never heard about it. So we need app store optimization (Google Play, Apple Store etc.). We can help you.

People search on the app store more than a search engine search for an app. According to a study, 63% people search for apps in the app store where 34% get it from the app store top charts.

We call it 3 factors for the app store – Convey the right message people will recognize you, Making it easy to use so that it increases the usability, The right channels to reach the right Target Group

How we make it –

  • In app optimization – we optimize the app title, app category, description and keyword to optimize it on the app store.
  • On app signals – we work closely for your ratings and reviews, rating and reviews help your apps to move towards the top of the store.
  • Off App signals (Usage): This includes downtimes, crashes, uninstalls, current usages, active users, etc. we help you to analyze all this aspects.
  • Off App signals (Links): People linking to app page.
  • Off App signals (Social): Signals from different apps.

Conversion optimization

As a business, your plan must be investing in marketing and sales and increase the volume of sales. We can help you achieve your business goals by Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). We believe

  • User Interface – Easy to user website.
  • User Satisfaction – Easy access to all the information’s which helps users to take the buying decision.
  • Trust building – By putting Testimonials, reviews.

Are very important aspects of a successful conversion. With an industry experience, we can guide you to plan the sales mediums in a way that can help you to see a steady improvement in conversion. By the power of CRO you can increase your digital marketing ROI.

Content Marketing

Content is a very powerful tool for search engine process. From creating useful & relevant content to marketing it on different channels – we know the right ways to do it.

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